On the Quant wavelength

Posted February 04 2014

Look at this cute Mary Quant special published as a supplement for Honey magazine in the 1960s. Quant introduces the booklet explaining that the clothes she designs are "a perfect foil" for the Honey reader. Quant wanted women to be adventurous and use their imagination to create their own style, “paint yourself any colour you choose.” She designed a makeup range with vibrant colours for ‘a new woman’ who wanted to experiment - “No two artists, given the same palette, would paint the same picture, so be yourself,” Quant adds.


Twiggy models Mary Quant designs throughout, super sweet! There’s also a Q&A with the designer at the end. We don’t suppose there are very many of these tiny supplements left today. Great find.



And with Quant on our minds, this girl’s Daisy Diary caught our eye. Published by Collins in the 1970s, the diary includes illustrations throughout by Joan Corlass and Mari L’Anson, as well as recipes and DIY activities on each page. 

Here’s this month - ‘All Buttoned Up’