Alfredo Bouret's La Familia Magazine

Posted January 29 2014

We often discover a gem or two whilst filing - this week was no exception. We came across some rare Spanish women’s titles dating as far back as 1914. So we did some digging and uncovered a super talented illustrator's work for a vintage Mexican magazine. 

La Familia was the first women’s fashion magazine to be published in Mexico City. Here is one of many beautiful covers from the early 1930s by fashion illustrator Alfredo Bouret, a native Mexican who can't remember a time when he wasn't holding a pencil in his hand as a child. Bouret approached the creators of La Familia with a series of his illustrations and collaborated with them until he moved to Europe in 1948. 

Alfredo had always been interested in drawing figures, particularly of women, which makes sense when considering how his career as an illustrator developed - he ended up working with some of the most influential haute couture fashion houses and publications of all time. Bouret settled in Paris and worked with the fashion designer Pierre Balmain who introduced him to the team behind Paris Vogue. His career was now in full swing. Later Alfredo moved to London where he worked with Harper’s Bazaar, English Vogue and Tatler. We're in the midst of finding more of his later work within the archive which includes advertisements for brands including Jaeger and Swiss Bally Shoe company.

Judging by this issue of La Familia, women in the 1930s were entertained at home with short stories, problem pages and colourful embroidery patterns - how things have changed!

We found some more Bouret illustrations in the UK edition of Vogue. Here he draws skiwear: